Bressuire: Twinned with Fraserburgh

Fraserburgh has been twinned with Bressuire, France since 1990. Fraserburgh F.C. travelled there in 1993, and played three matches against the local teams. The Broch players stayed in Bressuire from 6th-11th June and the opposition were Thours, FCB and Courlay. Only recently has anyone in the Fraserburgh F.C. Supporters Club had any contact, through the Fraserburgh Twinning Association with people from Bressuire. David Henderson has been in contact with the head of the Bressuire Twinning Association, Jean-Louis Coppet. Jean-Louis was a linesman for a match when Fraserburgh played in Bressuire and he is hopeful that Bressuire can take their football team to the Broch in the not too distant future. Fraserburgh F.C. Supporters Club would be sure to show anyone from Bressuire who comes to the Broch and the Bellslea the usual Broch welcome!

Any familiar faces?

The Broch line up

Action from one of the matches

Marino Keith in action

Bressuire F.C.

The FCB line up

Bressuire and Fraserburgh Football Clubs

A post match photo