F.F.C.S.C. Celebrating 70 Years

Fraserburgh F.C. Supporters Club was formed 70 years ago and here is an insight into our humble beginnings. It is great to see we involved women right from the very start and just like today the Supporters Club is run for the benefit of all supporters of the team.
A meeting was held in the small room in the Dalrymple Hall on Thursday 8th July 1948 for the purposes of forming a Fraserburgh F.C. Supporters Club, all interested parties were cordially invited to attend.

Fraserburgh F.C. Supporters Club was formed at a meeting in the Dalrymple Hall 15th July 1948, here is a transcript from the meeting published in the Fraserburgh Herald the week after;

A meeting was held in the Dalrymple Hall on Thursday night by supporters of the Fraserburgh Football Club for the purposes of electing office bearers for the newly formed supporters club.  Mr P. Sommers was in the chair but it was regrettable that the attendance was not as great as the previous meeting.

In calling for nominations for the position of chairman, some difficulty was found and despite several nominations being made, the gentlemen concerned were compelled to refuse owing to other commitments. It was decided to leave the chairmanship vacant for the moment. Office bearers were elected as follows Vice Chairman, Pat Sommers; Secretary, J. B. Reary, Treasurer, R Clark, Committee,  George Buchan,  W. Burnett, J Buchan,  J Henry and B Muirhead .

It was agreed that the joining fee would be 1/- and a contribution of 6d a week thereafter. Full weekly meetings will be held throughout the football season on Wednesday’s commencing on 28th July 7.30PM. These meetings are open to all members of the Supporters Club and a good turnout is expected. A question was asked regarding ladies and it was agreed that ladies should be encouraged to join the Supporters Club.  Fraserburgh has many lady supporters who are interested spectators at the Bellslea on a Saturday during the season and their presence as members of F.F.S.C. will be heartily welcome.  The Supporters Club will give Fraserburgh Football Club 100% co-operation and it is hoped, by the co-operation and endeavours of both bodies, the Fraserburgh team will reach a high level of playing efficiency in the coming season and in seasons to follow.
At the end of the meeting the secretary was kept busy enrolling members. If you have a legitimate grievance you want to vent then join the Supporters Club and you will get by opportunity to do so – Join Now!

Further snippets from meetings were posted in the Fraserburgh Herald: While the Supporters Club cannot interfere with the running of the club, full co-operation will be given on both sides for the benefit of the team. The Supporters Club actually wrote to F.F.C. asking that a Supporters Club member be incorporated into the team selection committee picking, or an alternative that a member be allowed to be present when the team was being picked.  Efforts will be made to get the Dalrymple Hall for the purpose of holding a dance on a Friday evening to raise funds. It was intimated that a rumour was going around the town that the Supporters Club was trying to oust the officials of Fraserburgh Football Club. This is absolutely untrue. The aim of the Supporters Club is to help Fraserburgh Football Club in every way possible. By the end of September the new Supporters Club was as follows Mr W. R. West Chairman, Mr George Ross Vice Chairman, Mr A Henry Secretary, and Mr R Rice Treasurer. Committee – Messers J Walker, P Sommers, F Hendry, L McKenzie, G Chalmers, J Park. Mr Robert Wemyss was elected Hon. President. Mr Wemyss acted as Chairman at the start of the club on the understanding that he would be released from the position once the club was underway. It was agreed to stop sending members of the Supporters Club to help out at the Bellslea. It was believed the job of stewards was carried out by OAP’s and nobody liked doing them out of a job. In future a notice would be posted in Mr John Walker’s window for buses etc. for future away matches. It was agreed to appoint 6 permanent programme sellers and pay them a bonus at the end of the season.

The current Supporters Club would like to thank Ian Bowie for his extensive research of our history. We are all truly grateful for the many hours he has spent finding key pieces of information about the forming of the present Supporters Club. We have produced special polo shirts to celebrate our 70th anniversary and further events will follow in due course. The Supporters Club will have our A.G.M in the Elizabethan Bar on Saturday 21st July at 5PM and just like 70 years ago all supporters are very welcome.


First F.F.C.S.C. meeting

Notice in the Fraserburgh Herald for the first F.F.C.S.C. meeting

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Bus Info

Bus Information for Clyde away in 1949

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Ian Bowie

Ian Bowie

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