The Nineties at F.F.C.S.C.

Fraserburgh F.C. Supporters Club entered the nineties with Sandy Tasker at the helm. The Club through secretary Steve Gracie had now decided to invite the first of the Honorary members to join the Club. Alex Totten (then manager of St Johnstone F.C.) was the first ever member of the Fraserburgh F.C. Supporters Club Honorary Members Club. Many "stars" of the sporting world in Scotland were invited to join throughout the nineties, some did and some did not agree to join our Club. The now impressive list of members can be viewed along with their photographs on our Honorary members page, or in The Crown Bar, Shore Street, Fraserburgh.

The Introduction of the Aberdeenshire Shield competition saw Fraserburgh F.C. win their first trophy for a few years. This was to prove a great competition for the "Broch" Supporters enjoying many a celebration after the numerous successes in the competition. The nineties were to prove a wondrous decade for the Supporters at cup finals with many a dram going down, win or lose. We lost more finals than we won, but hey! It was fun being there. The best of the bunch was winning the Qualifying Cup at Christie Park, overcoming Keith after a marathon match on a dull and dreich day.

Winning Trophies was one thing, but the introduction of Wick Academy to the League was another. Travelling to Wick meant another forty miles past Brora, Kenny McDonald and David Henderson were among the first Supporters in Wick for the first league meeting between the sides. They even had enough time to travel the VERY SHORT! distance to John 'O' Groats for a photo shoot. The picture was taken a few years ago and the two faces you see might not look like the one's we know and love today!

The Supporters Club was going from strength to strength, when the Football Club does well so does the Supporters Club. The "Broch" played Whitehill Welfare in the scottish Cup and a draw at Rosewell, (in the dark) earned a replay for the Whitehill side at the Bellslea. The next round draw was made before the replay was played and the winners were to play Glasgow Celtic at home, We lost the match and the chance for our players to play against one of the top clubs in Scotland was gone.

One year later we were in the Scottish Cup again, we won the 1st round Scottish cup-tie at the Bellslea against Clyde 1-0, playing with with ten men for eighty minutes.(Click Here for the Clyde page) The "Broch " drew Stranraer away from home in the 2nd round. The match was cancelled due to frozen pitch on 3rd January 1998, but with such a long journey the Supporters bus that day made it as far as Stirling before finding out. Brian Topping will remember that day as the �1.20 sausage day. The bus left for Stranraer the following Saturday and Gordon McDonald will remember that day as the Beef Steak Pie day. It was a great day out, but unfortunately the "Broch" lost on this occasion, but not without a fight. Kriss Hunter scoring a great goal to take the scoreline to 2-1.