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Bard of The Broch: Stanley Bruce

Stanley Bruce was born in the Broch and has recently written a poetry book about our town. Stanley now lives in Banff, but with strong family connections in the Broch he put pen to paper. His book has been a great success and more books will be on sale in John Trail bookshop Fraserburgh from 13th January 2005, priced at only £ 6. The Supporters Club invited Stanley for a wee chat about how he became involved with poetry.

Any familiar faces?

Stanley's book was No1 in the John Trail book charts, in the picture with Stan on the right is the one and only Robbie Shepherd. Robbie was happy with second place.

Q. When did you start writing poetry?

Often wrote a wee verse on birthday cards usually something a bit cheeky. It wasn't until 11th September 2001 when I wrote my first poem, I just could not believe what I had seen on the TV and basically wrote down my thoughts. I never did anything with the poem until 1st September 2003 when I happened to come across it, that's when I e-mailed it to two poetry sites and I got a response from one of them who then published it in a book.

Q. Where does your inspiration come from?

Anything, usually real life events or even historic events or places.

Q. What made you go to print with your book, was there an influence or had you always planned to publish a book?

Never planned to publish a book. What happened was after getting my September 11th poem published I wrote about five or six more in in a week, then someone retired at work and it was someone else's birthday so I wrote a poem within about 2 or 3 weeks I had about fifteen poems. The secretary in the office said that photo-copier can print out wee booklets "Want me do do one for you?" Obviously the answer was yes and a 16 page booklet was made. It made it's way around the office and everybody seemed to like it, so I wrote some more.

Q. Is this your first book or have you any books published before this one?

The Bard Of Banff was the first book published in June 2004. The Bard Of Banff evolved when one of my work mates after reading the booklet cheekily gave me the name.

Q. Why the Broch?

It was easy to write about the Broch, it's easy to write about things you know about.

Q. Do you think you will write more poetry books?

Yes there are two more half written, titles are 'The Bard O' Buchan' which goes a bit further afield than the Broch, and will give more history of the area starting with the Comyn's and Aikey. I have also half finished 'The Bard O' The Yard' this one is about my days in the Aberdeen shipyards and will concentrate on the history of A.Hall and Co and Hall Russell and Co Footdee, Aberdeen. After that who knows.

Q. Did you have any doubts about the success of your book or did you set your goals low?

Because the book is self published I needed to pay the printing costs upfront so the amount of books printed was basically to a budget. I knew the Broch book was an improvement on the Banff book and I reckoned sales could be around 400, but when we decided to make the book A4 instead of A5 the additional costs reduced the amount of books.

Q. Sales have been brilliant, did you expect this amount of sales in such a short time?

Sold out in three weeks was amazing, it just goes to show how the folk o' the Broch love the Broch. Never mind there will be more printed and in John Trails around the 13th January 2005.

The poem Stanley wrote about Fraserburgh Football Club

  • There's only one club for me,
  • only one club for me,
  • only one club for me,
  • Fraserburgh! FC.
  • There's only one club for me
  • and they play in the Bellslea,
  • only one club for me,
  • Fraserburgh! FC.
  • Noo Fitba is oor game
  • and we'll shout out yer name,
  • we'll shout out yer name,
  • Fraserburgh! FC.
  • We'll shout out yer name,
  • for no other team is the same,
  • no other team is the same,
  • as Fraserburgh! FC.

  • When one of oor lads does score,
  • you'll hear the crowd roar,
  • you'll hear the crowd roar,
  • Fraserburgh! FC.
  • You'll hear the crowd roar
  • and we'll shout give us some more,
  • we'll shout give us some more,
  • Fraserburgh! FC.
  • Now when we win the cup,
  • we'll roar as they lift it up,
  • we'll roar as its lifted,
  • for Fraserburgh! FC.
  • For the Bellslea tae me,
  • will always, always be,
  • the greatest place on earth,
  • Fraserburgh! FC.